Reflections and Forecasting of a Transient Life

As 2015 comes to a close I bask in gratitude to a monumental year. I must again apologize for the tardiness of this piece, however in part I feel this piece warrants tardiness— a reflection deserves proper time and thought. As I consider this past year, it seems rather insurmountable to consider all of the events that took place in my life. Thus, I’ve decided that above all else, I’m going to try to do a better job at consistent reflection in addition to global reflections at larger milestones. To keep this post as parsimonious as possible, I think a list format of reflections followed by a few general thoughts and resolutions will keep the post light and enjoyable. So here we go.

2015 at a Glimpse

 My year can be broken down into three major events that represent more thematic milestones in my life. In no chronological order, let’s begin.

1.Graduating from college— to be honest, the event itself was rather melodramatic. Four years of work and stories all sublimating into a fleeting moment of walking across a stage. The formalities were mediocre. The actual day was just another day. However, the underlying meaning held weight for me. Graduating college meant the closing of a four-year chapter, and a significant one at that. I promise I’ll get to the people later, but from a purely formal standpoint, James Madison University was the place that changed my life. It re- oriented my passions. The teachers, mentors, and employers all played a pivotal role in instilling a love of academia, intellect, and inquisition. They provided me with opportunities and beyond all else— inklings of bright wisdom in vacuums of dark confusion. Without these role models— in classes, in labs, and in general— who knows what path I would be stumbling down currently. By means of lessons and experiences, I wrestled with an existential crisis of self, and I’d like to think it’s a battle I’m currently winning. Over the course of those four meager years, I was changed as a person and a thinker. I feel a deeper satisfaction for my life, my life objectives, and my life actions. It wouldn’t be possible without my collegiate role models. There are no words to describe my university journey, and it will arguably be the cornerstone of all my future endeavors.

I’d call this theme exponential growth.

2. Moving to Australia— the location is cool but sadly irrelevant to the point. This is another huge plunge off the deep end of importance not because it’s on the other side of the world (well, kind of because it’s on the other side of the world). More so, it represents exploration, adventure, and pursuing knowledge at all cost. Moving to Australia to pursue my graduate degree in a discourse I love embodies the elegant spirit, and captivating nature, of erudition. It is also the incarnate representation of the unknown. Many things were sacrificed to pursue my current goal, those sacrifices do not go unnoticed and if anything they reaffirm every day that I will continue relentlessly toward achieving excellence.

This thematic facet of my year, I’d deem opportunity, dream chasing.

3. Finally my lovely fraternity back home, and having the opportunity to lead a group of ambitious young college students to achieve their own dreams. The final semester of my college year was beyond your average opportunity to get a taste of leadership experience, it was something profound. During this time I had the honor of getting to know and bond with some of the most special human beings on the planet (to my Alpha Rho class if you read this, thank you for changing my life). They allowed me to guide while also grow and reflect on where I’ve been and where I’m going. They hold a special, irreplaceable place in my life. However, the experiences within the infrastructure of the organization were representative of a theme as well, the people. As I grow I continue to be mesmerized and astounded by the capacity of people. In fact, I find that it is the recurring characters in your chronicles that are the most crucial shaping elements of who you are. It is the people that help catalyze glimpse of rapturous revelation, and deep- seated joy. It’s the people that make the stories. It’s the people that matter. So for me, 2015 above all else was a year of realization that it’s the people that make things worth it. From Phi Sigma Pi, to my high school wrestling pupils at HHS, to my roommates (present and current), to my best friends who never forget to stay in touch even when I do, to my professors and mentors, to supportive family (blood and unofficial), to my current labs and old labs, to my out- of- this- world incredible girlfriend. You all make a life a cherished, delicate, precious existence and I couldn’t do it without you.

I think I’ll name this reflection: the people.

 2016, Here’s Hoping

2015 was arguably one of my best years, but as with all years, I never want to look back and say I peaked. On the contrary, with the utmost humility and gratitude, I’d like 2015 to be a disgrace comparatively to 2016. I don’t think there is much to say on the upcoming year. I plan on more of the same life motifs. To strive toward personal growth, to learn more, to develop skills as an academic, to create esteemed work, to facilitate positive change to the best of my ability, to positively influence all those who come in contact with me. I plan to take uncontrollable events in stride and decimate barriers that attempt to hinder my progression. I want 2016 to be memorable— not just for me, I’m pretty confident it will be, but for all those who come in contact with me. The goal is always to strive for the upper echelon, the next tier of greatness. Like I said. More of the same. I plan to write more, read more, communicate more (and better), and forever seek epiphanies/ reflections at all junctions….and of course, have a bit of fun even amidst life’s adversities.

I head off to Jakarta, Indonesia next week to continue my journey learning and seeing the world. I intend to take full advantage of that along with every other opportunity that I come across. Because life is awesome, and I do awesome stuff.

Thank you all for reading, and thanks for an incredible year! I extend my well wishes to every one. May you chase your own dreams in the new year. The quest to be a modern champion of humanity continues.

Forever chasing a blissful life,



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